Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RIT Team Relay

True competitors line up for the Team Relay at RIT:

While Northeastern prepares for... Cheez-Nips.
And UNH...

"I guess it's official: UVM's the only team left in the MTB season, and everybody else is just a bunch of people in the same jersey..."
--- a clearly unbiased spectator


  1. Clearly UVM has poisoned all other teams with a steady diet of Cheez Nips... only Northeastern, used to consuming nothing but Fenway-area sausage cart fare complete with green peppers on onions, has had the ability to survive the onslaught of processed food.

  2. Mark, clearly you haven't been to Burlingt(r)on recently. Finding Cheez Nips is a chore! The onslaught of locally-grown, sustainably farmed food probably makes your alabaster tower of Whatever City It Is That You Live In That Is Outside Of The ECCC look like WalMart. There is no such thing as sustainably produced Cheez Nips.