Thursday, December 3, 2009

Projects, Early 2009/12

When we introduced the ECCC Blogosphere, many prescient commentators (e.g., Ninja Don from Rutgers) obviously but no less astutely noted that a whole lot of blogs would be started up, then quickly fizzle out. That's been true, but I think it also spawned a good number of blogs with real longevity and activity. Mine is not one of them.

However, I've recently decided to put more effort into putting my blog to good use. With the increasing number of people contributing to running the ECCC, we need to do more to direct, organize, and keep track of those contributions. On many levels it would be good to have all that out there where other people can follow along, so I'm going to combine the two and post more up here about what's happening "behind the scenes" in the ECCC.

Recent Projects

Early September to mid November is pretty brutal in the ECCC. Between MTB season, the Local Association/Conference Director/Board of Trustees meeting at USAC, and the ECCC November meeting, it's a long drag. I personally have responded to this by not doing much cycling related in the past few weeks since the fall meeting except crashing my MTB into logs...

That said, things have been happening. Most notably, we had great response to the call for a host housing director. A surprising number of people expressed interest in renewing that important role in the ECCC. For 2010, Arthur Wicks from U Delaware will be stepping up to take charge of that project. Beyond immediately jumping on the call, Arthur had already developed several important thoughts and ideas on that effort. I'm very excited about having him in charge of the ECCC's host housing project this coming season. I think this is a long neglected effort that is going to rebound very quickly, with great impact this spring.

Current Projects

So, this is the current to-do list for the near future:

  • Develop & writeup host housing procedures, forms, timelines
  • Road flyer requirements
  • 2010 budget
  • Women's cycling plans
  • CX final scoring
  • Road flyer requirements
  • ECCC state incorporation paperwork
  • Road permitting notes
  • ECCC website
  • ECCC rulebook
  • Officiating & LA notifications
  • Women's cycling plans
  • Women's cycling: Website section outline
  • ECCC news blog/main site integration
  • Road flyer requirements
  • Road Intro curriculum
  • Team recruitment plans

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